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Local Sports Anchor, Shooting Survivor, Organizes Valentine's Day Blood Drive

Kyle Kraska thanks first responders, Scripps, for saving his life

Shooting survivor Kyle Kraska and Fady Nasrallah, MD, trauma surgeon at Scripps La Jolla, at Kraska's blood drive.

CBS 8 Sports Director Kyle Kraska and Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla trauma surgeon Fady Nasrallah, MD

Kyle Kraska thanks first responders, Scripps, for saving his life

CBS 8 Sports Director Kyle Kraska, who survived a shooting four years ago, recently held a Valentine's Day blood drive in San Diego. Scripps Health co-sponsored the well-attended event, which honored first responders and benefited the American Red Cross.

Kraska credits the actions of first responders and the pints of blood he received for saving his life. Among the people who joined him at the Celebration of Heroes Blood Drive was Fady Nasrallah, MD, a trauma surgeon at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla, where Kraska was treated.

Watch the segment on CBS 8 where Kraska recounts the traumatic event that nearly took his life: Kyle Kraska's Celebration of Heroes

Watch coverage of the Valentine's Day blood drive on CBS 8:

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