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New Approach to Lung Cancer Diagnoses at Scripps Makes Headlines

Samir Makani, MD, explains key aspects of new technology

Dr. Samir Makani looks at a computer monitor while performing robotic bronchoscopy at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas.

Samir Makani, MD, explains key aspects of new technology

News outlets recently interviewed Samir Makani, MD, about new technology at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas that aims to diagnose lung diseases earlier and more accurately than current conventional methods. Early diagnosis is especially important with lung cancer, as survival rates are higher for patients diagnosed with early-stage disease. Dr. Makani is director of interventional pulmonary medicine at Scripps Encinitas and is a Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center physician.

Watch the KUSI interview: New Technology Aims to Diagnose Lung Cancer Earlier

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