CBS 8 Story Features Champion Inline Skater’s Heart Valve Repair

Scripps cardiologist participating in MitraClip study

National inline skating champion Roger Olson skates down a two-lane road after heart valve surgery.

Scripps cardiologist participating in MitraClip study

Scripps patient Roger Olson has been a national championship inline skater for more than 20 years, but a leaky mitral valve in his heart sidelined him earlier this year. After a minimally invasive procedure to fix the problem, Olson, 78, was back on his skates within two days.

CBS 8 News recently featured Olson’s story along with Matthew Price, MD, the Scripps Clinic interventional cardiologist who placed a MitraClip device in the patient’s heart and is participating in a new clinical trial aimed at expanding use of the device in healthier patients who still qualify for open heart surgery.

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