Scripps MDs Featured in UT Article About Pandemic Technology

Telehealth services quickly become lifeline for many patients

On her home computer, Dr. Samantha Harris conducts a telehealth visit with a patient.

Dr. Samantha Harris, Endocrinology, Scripps Clinic

Telehealth services quickly become lifeline for many patients

A recent San Diego Union-Tribune article showcased Scripps Health’s rapid deployment of telehealth services at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic as an example of how local medical and biotech organizations have used technology to innovate over the last year.

David Wetherhold, MD, Scripps’ chief medical information officer for ambulatory systems, discussed leading the accelerated three-week rollout of telehealth services in March 2020 that had been planned for a much longer period before the pandemic struck.

Scripps Clinic weight management and endocrinology specialist Samantha Harris, MD, was also featured in a photo showing her conducting a telehealth visit with a patient from her home.

Read the Union-Tribune article: Scientists Hustle to Create New Tests, Drugs and Expand Telemedicine to Battle COVID-19 Over the Long Term

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