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Scripps Proton Therapy Center Offers World-Renowned Care

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Scripps Proton Therapy Center Offers World-Renowned Care

As one of the most advanced proton therapy centers in the world, Scripps Proton Therapy Center attracts patients from around the globe.

Scripps Health is known internationally for its expertise and innovation in a range of medical specialties, and is also at the forefront of clinical research, genomic medicine and wireless health care. Scripps Proton Therapy Center was the first center in the U.S. to exclusively offer the most precise proton delivery technology available, Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT), also known as pencil-beam scanning.

Rupert Lowe travels from the UK for proton therapy treatment

Since opening in 2014, Scripps Proton Therapy Center has treated patients not only from California, but from across the country and around the world, including Canada, Dubai, China, Australia and the United Kingdom. One of our first international patients, UK businessman and farmer Rupert Lowe chose to travel to Scripps after he was diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer. His doctor recommended surgery, but Rupert wasn’t convinced that was his best option. Read his story.

After four surgeries for cancer, she calls proton “almost a joy”

Suzanne McGillivray, who traveled to San Diego from Sydney, Australia , called proton therapy at Scripps “almost a joy” after five previous cancer surgeries and chemotherapy. Though fatigued between treatments, Suzanne felt well enough to visit with friends, attend dinners with other proton therapy patients, and enjoy San Diego. Read her story.

Hotels and Lodging

Scripps has contracts with hotels and other lodging partners to offer discounts for patients traveling for medical care.

Hotels and Lodging

Scripps has several travel partners to offer significantly discounted rates for our out-of-town patients. Learn more about hotels and lodging for patients traveling from outside of San Diego.

Discounted Transportation

Find transportation discounts to get to and from your proton therapy treatment at Scripps in San Diego.

Discounted Transportation

Scripps has several transportation partners to offer discounted rates for ground transportation during your stay. Learn more about finding transportation to and from your proton therapy treatment.

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