Refer a Patient for Cancer Care

For physicians: how to refer to Scripps Cancer Center

Three Scripps Cancer Center oncologists review incoming physician referrals for cancer patients on a tablet.

Louis Rivera, MD, Anuradha Koka, MD, and Carrie Costantini, MD, Scripps Cancer Center, Scripps Clinic

For physicians: how to refer to Scripps Cancer Center

Scripps Cancer Center personalizes expert, evidence-based cancer care to your patient's individual needs. This means your patients will have access to research-based approaches to cancer care, clinical trials and the compassionate care of Scripps.

Our patient-centered approach combines the expertise of Scripps oncologists and highly skilled cancer specialists with some of the most advanced treatments and technology available.


Scripps oncologists treat patients with nearly every type of newly diagnosed or recurring adult cancer. View the full list of cancer types we treat.

Expert multidisciplinary care in San Diego

When you refer a patient to Scripps Cancer Center, they will receive care from a multidisciplinary team of experts that comprises medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, pathology, diagnostic imaging, research and other clinical and support services.

The Scripps hospitals, clinics, outpatient imaging centers and supporting facilities have earned numerous prestigious accreditations, including the American College of Radiology distinction.


Scripps cares for patients at locations throughout San Diego County.