Executive Health Corporate Partnerships

Comprehensive early detection for all your key decision makers

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Comprehensive early detection for all your key decision makers

Scripps Center for Executive Health offers corporate wellness programs tailored specifically to your executive team’s unique risk profiles. By engaging in one-on-one, real-time clinical evaluations with a team of Scripps physicians, your executives will learn the exact status of their health, future risk factors and, if indicated, genetic predisposition for serious diseases. Your carefully curated and comprehensive Scripps corporate relations program offers your executives an efficient alternative to time-consuming and often fragmented care received through routine check-ups.

For 40 years, companies like yours have counted on Scripps Center for Executive Health for top-level executive physical exams and early detection. From internal medicine, cardiology, dermatology and stress management to state-of-the-art imaging studies and predictive metrics, our specialists have the expertise and technology to help your valued executive team identify warning signs for cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, adult early-onset disease and more. And we bring it all to your executives in one dedicated facility in one day.

Benefits of a corporate partnership

  • Comprehensive preventive examination and testing — Corporate physicals and screenings include comprehensive systemic organ function, advanced cholesterol (NMR lipoprotein profile), thyroid function, ferritin, vitamin D and vitamin B12. Each visit includes visual skin exam for skin cancer screening with a dermatologist, carotid and femoral artery ultrasounds and central aortic blood pressure. 
  • Advanced cardiovascular disease screening — Scripps recently expanded its cardiovascular risk assessment to include computed tomography (CT) coronary artery calcium scoring. This imaging, along with our use of the National Institutes of Health’s Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA), allows us to determine patients’ 10-year risk for coronary heart disease. Heart disease is still the number one killer in the US, and our physician specialists use critical metrics like plaque, stenosis, coronary scoring and visceral fat to measure heart attack and stroke risk.
  • Evidence-based lifestyle assessments — Executives often lead lifestyles that may contribute to their disease risk. Stress, poor sleep hygiene, a poor diet or lack of regular exercise all may contribute to physical and mental illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes, insulin resistance, anxiety/depression, as well as addictive behaviors, including substance and alcohol abuse. Our licensed lifestyle experts will help guide your team to healthier habits and choices that can lower disease risk.
  • Cardiologist-administered treadmill/EKG test — A Scripps board-certified cardiologist oversees your executives’ treadmill stress test. Once completed, your executives will meet one-on-one with the attending cardiologist to review their EKG and treadmill results and discuss next steps.
  • Patient safety and emergency care access — In rare cases, strenuous exercise such as a treadmill stress test can raise short-term risk of cardiac arrest. Your executives will have immediate access to Scripps emergency services and heart care available throughout their exam.

More about our program

  • Ease of scheduling — Setting up an appointment is quick and effortless. All Scripps executive health corporate accounts have a dedicated business development specialist who works with you to create a preferred scheduling process for your company, setting appointments around your company’s peak business demands and executives’ availability. 
  • One day, one program, one dedicated facility — The entire executive health assessment takes place in the Scripps Center for Executive Health, our exclusive, dedicated facility on the campus of Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. Your employees’ day-long WholePerson Examination™ includes a continental-style breakfast and a catered lunch.
  • Flexible program investment options — Our tiered pricing model helps maximize your company’s benefit to include a broader group of your executive team members instead of a select few.
  • Transparent billing and privacy protection — Our straightforward billing process will keep you in the loop for all procedures, appointments and expenses, while ensuring your employees’ test results are HIPAA-compliant and confidential. All statements are itemized and include customary procedural terminology (CPT) codes.
  • Electronic health record (EHR) — Through the use of MyScripps EHR, your executives will have safe, immediate and portable access to all of their executive check-up results. And if they participate in the Health Information Exchange (HIE), their personal physicians also may access their results.

The WholePerson Examination is offered Monday through Friday at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. Patients check in at 7 am and are usually finished by 3 pm. 

Scripps Center for Executive Health is ready to partner with you and your company to provide the optimal executive health and wellness experience. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a tour, please call us at 858-293-5328 or email ExecutiveHealth@ScrippsHealth.org.