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Executive Health

Comprehensive, one-day executive physical exam

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Comprehensive, one-day executive physical exam

Scripps Center for Executive Health in San Diego offers busy men and women a comprehensive, one-day executive physical exam that won’t overlook a thing or waste a moment of your time. 

Getting healthy is one thing. Staying healthy — body, mind and emotion — requires a carefully curated approach with physician experts from multiple disciplines coming together for you. The Scripps Center for Executive Health WholePerson Examination™ can help detect disease-onset earlier and keep you healthy longer.  

It’s your own, personalized examination designed just for you. And we have the expertise, the exclusive environment and the passion to help you get the most out of it.

Experience the excellence

At Scripps Center for Executive Health, these words are more than just a tag line — they are the cornerstone of every aspect of your visit — from the moment you schedule, to the care provided by your select team of Scripps physicians and clinicians, and your secure, fully integrated electronic report.

Excellence isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. It is listening and tailoring a care plan around your specific needs and goals. And it is this tailored, “experience of excellence” that helps make us a nationally recognized program.

Excellence is also in the way we safeguard your privacy. Which is why, as an Executive Health patient, your health information is kept outside the reach of insurance companies’ routine requests.

Finally, “Experience the Excellence” means that physicians and other members of your care team are ready and waiting for you. Our model of care makes wait times nearly non-existent while remaining flexible enough to evaluate any hidden health concerns.

It is our privilege to care for you.

About our executive physicals

Scripps Center for Executive Health has transformed the old-fashioned physical into an exclusive health experience that caters to busy professionals.

During your visit to our facility in La Jolla, California, you’ll meet with a team of medical experts who will provide you a tailored executive medical evaluation and one-on-one counseling designed to give you a clear picture of your health.

Pricing and frequently asked questions

How soon will you get results? How much does it cost? Will your insurance cover the exam?

Find answers to common questions about the Executive Health WholePerson Examination offered at Scripps Health. Visit our FAQ page.

Hear from our patients

Read stories from real patients at Scripps Center for Executive Health in San Diego, California

Hear from our patients

Successful financial consultant Paul Redfern explains why Scripps Center for Executive Health is the perfect one-stop-shop for busy executives. Read his story.

Our location

Our location

Scripps Center for Executive Health is located on the campus of Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla in San Diego, California. 

Scripps Center for Executive Health

9850 Genesee Ave.

Suite 520

La Jolla, CA 92037

858-626-4460 or toll free 800-345-1130

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Welcome to Scripps Center for Executive Health

Click through the slides to see what to expect during your one-day visit.

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Medicine in an Elegant Setting

Get a comprehensive medical exam in a sophisticated, calm environment.

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Welcoming Decor

The pleasant decor will help you feel comfortable during your visit.

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Efficient, Courteous Staff

We'll start your exam quickly, so not a moment of your time is wasted.

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Bright, Spacious Atmosphere

Relax between exams in the comfortable waiting area.

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Easy Entertainment

You'll have access to a TV, free Wi-Fi, magazines and newspapers.

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Fresh, Healthy Snacks

Enjoy fresh fruit, whole grain hot cereal, and gourmet teas and coffees.

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Everything You Need

Our spa-like changing areas include a shower, towels and vanity.

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Privacy and Security

Store your personal items in our convenient lockers during your exam.

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Private, Modern Exam Rooms

Five elegant, private exam rooms allow for optimal care.

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Thorough Screenings for Your Risk Factors

Your WholePerson Examination includes several preventive screenings and labs.

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Great Care in a Beautiful Setting

Our exam rooms overlook the hillsides and recreation areas of La Jolla.

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Fitness and Nutrition Counseling

Your WholePerson Examination includes expert fitness tests and dietary guidance.

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Preventive Care for Your Heart

Your WholePerson Examination checks for the earliest signs of heart disease.

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Hearing Assessment and More

Your WholePerson Examination includes a hearing test and other options.

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Relax for Better Health

End with a soothing massage to ease tension for a happier, healthier life.