Executive Health

Comprehensive, one-day executive physical exam

Scripps Center for Executive Health in San Diego, California.

Comprehensive, one-day executive physical exam

Scripps Center for Executive Health in San Diego offers busy professionals a comprehensive, one-day physical exam that won’t waste a moment of your time or overlook a thing.

No matter how healthy you think you are, getting the WholePerson Examination is one of the most important things you can do to protect and preserve your health.

Hear from our patients

Read stories from real patients at Scripps Center for Executive Health in San Diego, California

Hear from our patients

Successful financial consultant, Paul Redfern, explains why Scripps Center for Executive Health is the perfect one-stop-shop for busy executives.

Why choose Scripps

Find out why to choose Scripps Center for Executive Health for your WholePerson Examination.

Why choose Scripps

Our location

Scripps Center for Executive Health is located in San Diego, California

Our location

Scripps Center for Executive Health is located on the campus of Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla.

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Welcome to Scripps Center for Executive Health

Click through the slides to see what to expect during your one-day visit.

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Medicine in an Elegant Setting

Get a comprehensive medical exam in a sophisticated, calm environment.

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Welcoming Decor

The pleasant decor will help you feel comfortable during your visit.

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Efficient, Courteous Staff

We'll start your exam quickly, so not a moment of your time is wasted.

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Bright, Spacious Atmosphere

Relax between exams in the comfortable waiting area.

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Easy Entertainment

You'll have access to a TV, free Wi-Fi, magazines and newspapers.

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Fresh, Healthy Snacks

Enjoy fresh fruit, whole grain hot cereal, and gourmet teas and coffees.

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Everything You Need

Our spa-like changing areas include a shower, towels and vanity.

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Privacy and Security

Store your personal items in our convenient lockers during your exam.

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Private, Modern Exam Rooms

Five elegant, private exam rooms allow for optimal care.

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Thorough Screenings for Your Risk Factors

Your WholePerson Exam includes several preventive screenings and labs.

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Great Care in a Beautiful Setting

Our exam rooms overlook the hillsides and recreation areas of La Jolla.

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Fitness and Nutrition Counseling

Your WholePerson Exam includes expert fitness tests and dietary guidance.

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Preventive Care for Your Heart

Your WholePerson Exam checks for the earliest signs of heart disease.

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Hearing Assessment and More

Your WholePerson Exam includes a hearing test and other options.

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Relax for Better Health

End with a soothing massage to ease tension for a happier, healthier life.

An advantage that could enhance and extend your life

The WholePerson Examination at Scripps Center for Executive Health is the smart way for busy people to get an all-inclusive health and wellness examination that fits their schedules. Named one of the top 10 executive health programs in the country – and the only program named in San Diego – this isn’t your typical annual health check-up.

Our comprehensive, one-day physical examination was designed especially for people who don’t have time for multiple appointments at different clinical locations. You’ll start first thing in the morning and finish by 3 pm

Our physicians and care team come to you in one location, providing a full head-to-toe examination for early detection and prevention along with ample one-to-one time to ask questions and discuss any health concerns.

Our program offers:

  • Comprehensive medical evaluations by a multidisciplinary team of world-class Scripps physicians
  • Consultations with a collaborative team of lifestyle specialists
  • State-of-the-art technology for the finest in medical screening, early detection and prevention
  • Full assessment of your personal health risk factors and how to reduce them
  • Expert guidance on stress management, mind/body health, diet and exercise for your unique lifestyle and risk factors
  • Customized long-term strategy for enhancing and prolonging your life
  • Results within 24 hours, including physicians’ interpretations and recommendations along with educational materials – your blueprint for optimal health
  • Expedited access to our Scripps network of physician specialists for additional consultations, if needed
  • A relaxing massage before you leave

We take a team approach to health — because you have a lot to live for

Hundreds of years of combined clinical experience have gone into the design and continuous improvement of our executive physical exam. Our examination model uses evidence-based medicine and lifestyle assessments to give you a proactive approach to your care.

Your executive wellness physical begins with a collaborative team of Scripps physicians in internal medicine, family practice, cardiology, dermatology, radiology and, if indicated, gastroenterology. It continues with a team of lifestyle specialists in psychology and stress mastery, exercise physiology, nutrition and mind/body techniques, and ends with a professional therapeutic massage. Throughout the day, you’ll have ample time to ask questions and discuss your concerns.