Cardiac Patient Resources

Support groups, services and materials for heart health

Caring for your heart is lifelong process, and Scripps offers a variety of resources for people with heart disease – and those looking to prevent it – to help keep you and your heart healthy.

Heart health resources

Whether you’re recovering from a heart procedure or concerned about general heart health, Scripps offers a variety of resources to assist you with your needs and goals.

Glossary of heart care terms

Cardiac care has a language all its own. To help you and your caregivers understand medical terminology and learn more about the therapies and technologies your care may involve, we’ve developed a glossary of cardiology terms. We encourage you to refer to it whenever you come across an unfamiliar term and want more information.

We know that heart disease can seem overwhelming, and many patients find that learning as much as they can about their care helps them feel more in control of their health.

Of course, the glossary is just the beginning. Any time you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask your physician.