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Scripps Diabetes Prevention Program

Help to prevent type 2 diabetes in San Diego

Diabetes prevention program at Scripps Health.

Help to prevent type 2 diabetes in San Diego

The Scripps Diabetes Prevention Program is part of the National Diabetes Prevention Program, led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is proven to help people with prediabetes prevent or delay the development of type 2 diabetes.

The Scripps Diabetes Prevention Program can help people with prediabetes cut their risk of developing type 2 diabetes in half. The Diabetes Prevention Program research study showed that making modest behavior changes helped participants lose 5% to 7% of their body weight — that is 10 to 14 pounds for a person weighing 200 pounds. These lifestyle changes reduced the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58% in people with prediabetes.

Program highlights

  • Trained lifestyle coaches
  • Fully recognized by the Centers for Disease Control
  • Group support
  • Year-long program — weekly for four months, then semi-monthly for eight months — to keep your health on track

Benefits of joining the Scripps Diabetes Prevention Program

If you’ve heard your doctor say, “You’re at risk for type 2 diabetes” or “You have prediabetes,” it means you can start preventing type 2 diabetes today. If you have prediabetes, now is the time for prevention. And you don’t have to do it alone — we’re here for you.

As part of the Scripps Diabetes Prevention Program group, you will work with other participants and a trained lifestyle coach to learn the skills you need to make lasting changes. These changes include losing a modest amount of weight, being more physically active and managing stress.

Being part of a group provides support from other people who are facing similar challenges and trying to make the same changes you are. Together you can celebrate successes and find ways to overcome obstacles.

How the Scripps Diabetes Prevention Program works

The Scripps Diabetes Prevention Program groups meet for a year — weekly for the first four to six months, then twice a month for the second six to eight months to maintain healthy lifestyle changes. During each session, your lifestyle coach will provide a lesson and lead a group discussion.

For example, you will learn how to:

  • Eat healthy through nutritional counseling
  • Add physical activity to your life
  • Manage stress
  • Stay on track when eating out

Need more inspiration? Check out these patient success stories featuring people who have participated in diabetes prevention programs associated with the CDC.

Your Scripps Diabetes Prevention Program lifestyle coach

The lifestyle coaches with the Scripps Diabetes Prevention Program have the experience and training to help you reach your goals. 

Your lifestyle coach will help you:

  • Learn the facts about healthy eating and physical activity and explain how these behaviors will help reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes
  • Set and meet your goals
  • Build relationships with other participants
  • Work as a group to meet challenges
  • Understand and respond to your food triggers
  • Stay motivated
  • Solve problems that can get in the way of healthy changes