Treating a wide variety of hearing and balance disorders

Man in red shirt undergoing hearing test for Audiology.

Treating a wide variety of hearing and balance disorders

Scripps offers numerous audiology programs and services to meet the needs of adults, children and infants with hearing and vestibular (balance) disorders.

Through comprehensive hearing testing, evaluations and balance assessments, Scripps audiologists can establish whether patients hear within the normal range. They can also help determine the cause of hearing loss or vestibular abnormality and suggest a course of treatment from a wide variety of hearing aids and aural rehabilitation therapies.

Audiology care

Audiology care

Audiology locations

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Audiology locations

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Experts in audiology

Scripps Health audiologists are certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and/or the American Academy of Audiology (AAA). They provide care at several Scripps hospitals and clinics throughout San Diego.

If you have a hearing disorder or condition that requires medical or surgical treatment, our audiologists work closely with a wide range of hearing specialists and other experts within the Scripps network and can refer you to a doctor for specialized care.

Audiology services

The audiologists at Scripps Health are dedicated to providing quality care for people with hearing impairment and vestibular (balance) disorders. Services vary by site and may include:

Depending on the cause and extent of your hearing loss, treatment options vary but can include hearing aids, cochlear implants, medications or surgery. Read more about hearing loss treatment options available at Scripps.

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