Pancreas Transplant

Pancreas transplant for type 1 diabetes

Jonathan Fisher, MD, stands in a bright, modern atrium, representing advanced pancreas transplant care at Scripps.

Dr. Jonathan Fisher, Organ Transplantation, Scripps Clinic

Pancreas transplant for type 1 diabetes

For most people, type 1 diabetes can be managed through medication and diet. In severe cases, when diabetes symptoms can’t be controlled, a pancreas transplant may be an option.

Scripps provides a full spectrum of pancreas transplant care, including diabetes management, a multidisciplinary team of transplant surgeons and clinical specialists and compassionate support services throughout the transplant process.

Expert care for your pancreas transplant

Our team of experts is here to help you though every step of the pancreas transplantation process. Working as a multidisciplinary team, our pancreas transplant surgeons and other specialists combine their skills and expertise to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

Our pancreas transplant program performs multiple types of procedures, including:

  • Solitary pancreas transplantation
  • Simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplant for people whose diabetes has also caused kidney damage
  • Pancreas transplantation following kidney transplant

Understanding your pancreas transplant

During a pancreas transplant, a donor pancreas is surgically transplanted into the abdomen where it can begin to produce insulin. In a successful pancreas transplant, insulin injections may no longer be needed.

Pancreas transplants are recommended only when other treatment options have been unsuccessful at controlling diabetes symptoms. A pancreas transplantation procedure has significant risks, including surgical risks and the possibility that the new pancreas will be rejected. Following a pancreas transplant, you will need to take anti-rejection medication, which may have multiple side effects.

Talk to your transplant surgeon about the benefits and risks of a pancreas transplant or a pancreas and kidney transplant.

Frequently asked questions about pancreas transplantation

If you need a pancreas transplant, you may have many questions about the pancreas transplant surgery, pancreas transplant criteria and what to expect. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about pancreas transplantation. Always feel free to ask your physician or care team for more information and guidance.

Support for diabetes

Scripps is nationally recognized for providing comprehensive diabetes care in San Diego. We offer a full spectrum of care for type 1 diabetes, including patient education, community-based diabetes care, retinal screenings and clinical trials. Learn more about diabetes care at Scripps.

Our approach to transplants

At Scripps, we treat the person, not the illness. Our patient-centered approach combines a multidisciplinary team with the most advanced treatments and technology available in San Diego and beyond.

Patient support and resources

Scripps offers a wide range of supportive services to meet the specialized needs of transplant patients and their loved ones, including support groups and educational classes. Learn more about the support and resources you have access to at Scripps. Our inspirational transplant patient success stories are another great resource to learn more about the supportive, life-affirming aspects of Scripps transplant services and care.