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Scripps in the News | May 25, 2022

Media Spotlight: Scripps Enhances Care for High-Risk Pregnancies

News outlets recently covered enhancements made to Scripps Health’s high-risk pregnancy program, including access to mental health care.
Health and Wellness | May 24, 2022

What Are Common Causes of Back Pain?

Back pain can be short-lived and happen to anyone. Learn when to see a spine specialist to treat chronic back pain, including symptoms.
Health and Wellness | May 23, 2022

How Is Thyroid Disease Diagnosed and Treated? (video)

Matthew Levine, MD, an endocrinologist at Scripps, explains the signs, symptoms, causes and treatments for thyroid gland disorders.
Scripps in the News | May 19, 2022

San Diego Magazine Profiles Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla Nurse

The 40-week program at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla provides newly graduated nurses a bridge from the classroom to the patient care setting.
Health and Wellness | May 17, 2022

Is Hearing Loss Reversible? (podcast)

Thomas Alexander, MD, an ear specialist, explains the causes, types and treatments for hearing loss, including hearing aids and surgery.
Health and Wellness | May 16, 2022

What Are the Best Foods for Brain Health?

Learn about the Mediterranean, DASH and MIND diets and why they are considered healthy eating patterns and good for brain performance.
News Releases | May 11, 2022

Scripps Physician-Scientist Co-Leads Key Vision Discovery

A research team co-led by a physician affiliated with Scripps Health demonstrated the ability to revive the retina in human organ donor eyes.
Health and Wellness | May 10, 2022

When Is Breast Implant Revision an Option?

Breast augmentation surgery typically produces high patient satisfaction, but in some cases, a revisional procedure may be necessary.
Health and Wellness | May 10, 2022

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Eating healthy on a budget is very doable. Follow our tips and work in all the veggies, fruits, grains, protein and dairy foods you need.
Health and Wellness | May 4, 2022

What Causes Hearing Loss? (video)

Hearing loss is not unusual, especially in older adults. Learn the types of hearing loss, the value of a hearing test and treatments.