HIV Medicine

Certified HIV Care

Scripps Coastal Medical Center has HIV specialists certified by the American Academy of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Medicine (AAHIVM). These are primary care doctors who are also board certified in internal medicine.

Unlike most medical specialists, our doctors are primary care doctors who will coordinate and treat all of your health care issues. Our AAHIVM certified HIV specialists have offices at Scripps Coastal Medical Center’s Hillcrest location.

Why choose an HIV specialist?

Choosing a doctor you’re comfortable with, that you trust, and who will work closely with you to make informed decisions about your treatment is essential to your care.

Coastal doctors currently provide care to hundreds of HIV patients every year. Our up-to-date HIV specialists are able to provide you with the specialty care you require, along with an excellent patient experience.

The expertise of Scripps Coastal Medical Center primary care doctors, combined with the resources of Scripps premier award-winning hospitals, provide safe, excellent and high quality care for patients.