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Scripps Skin Cancer Expert Discusses New Study on Sunscreen Absorption

Study finds certain chemicals are absorbed into bloodstream

Dr. Hugh Greenway, a dermatologic surgeon at Scripps Clinic, discusses the findings of a new study on sunscreeen with TV reporter.

Scripps Clinic dermatologist Hugh Greenway, MD

Study finds certain chemicals are absorbed into bloodstream

Hugh Greenway, MD, a Scripps Clinic dermatologic surgeon at the Bighorn Mohs Surgery and Dermatology Center, recently weighed in on a new study by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) on the absorption of sunscreen. The study found certain chemicals can get absorbed into the bloodstream after one day of use. The FDA did not say sunscreen is unsafe but recommended more testing.

Dr. Greenway told CBS 8 that people should continue to protect their skin from the sun's rays to prevent skin cancer, which is a major health problem.

View the segment on CBS 8: New study finds sunscreen gets absorbed into bloodstream after one day of use

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