What Is Transgender Affirming Surgery? (video)

Scripps plastic surgeon explains types of surgery and preparation

Scripps plastic surgeon explains types of surgery and preparation

Manish Champaneria, MD, a plastic surgeon at Scripps Clinic Del Mar and Scripps Clinic Rancho Bernardo explains the steps involved in preparing for gender confirmation surgery, and discusses male-to-female and female-to-male procedures.

Video transcript

How do you prepare for gender confirmation surgery?

First seek counsel with your endocrinologist or your family medicine doctor, as well as a mental health professional. That mental health professional can be a psychiatrist, a licensed social worker or a family medicine physician who specializes in mental health.

Once that’s done, then you visit with a surgeon who is capable and skilled in the art of transgender or gender confirmation surgery and take it from there.

What is top sex reassignment surgery?

Top sex reassignment surgery is also known as gender confirmation surgery. For our transgender male patients, that involves a mastectomy. For our transgender female patients, that means making a breast. And typically that’s a bilateral breast augmentation with implants or with fat.

What is transgender or gender confirmation plastic surgery?

Transgender surgery encompasses a lot of different types of surgery. It’s also known as gender confirmation surgery for our patients who are transitioning to become either male or female.

For patients who are transitioning to become female, that involves facial feminization. That means softening the contour of the face and giving a more feminine appearance. That also involves enhancing the breast with either an implant or with their own fat. For our patients who are becoming male, that involves a mastectomy where the breasts are removed and a masculinized chest is made.

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