Gender Confirmation Surgery

Expert transgender surgery in San Diego

Scripps Health offers surgical gender transition procedures with the goal of providing transgender and nonbinary individuals with the physical appearance that suits their identity. Our multidisciplinary team of expert plastic surgeons works together to provide a range of male to female (MTF) and female to male (FTM) procedures to our transgender and nonbinary patients in San Diego and Southern California. 

Gender confirmation surgery is a type of plastic surgery that involves both physical and psychological aspects. Scripps follows the recommendations of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) regarding preparation for surgery. Patients seeking top surgery must have a referral from a mental health provider. Patients undergoing top or bottom surgery are urged to live as self-affirmed gender individuals for at least 12 months before undergoing these procedures.

Top surgery (mastectomy and chest reconstruction)

Scripps surgeons perform top surgery on the chest to create a more gender-confirming physique. Top surgeries are usually performed as a single procedure and do not require an overnight stay in the hospital, though we can accommodate an overnight observation if requested. 

MTF top surgery

We offer several options for MTF top surgery:

  • Fat transfer breast augmentation removes fat from other parts of the body and injects it into the breasts. This option may be best for patients who seek a smaller increase in breast size without implants.
  • Breast implants are surgically placed under the chest muscles to enhance breast size and shape. Implants come in various sizes and materials; you and your surgeon will decide what is best for you. 

FTM top surgery

FTM top surgery involves removing breast tissue (known as mastectomy) and creating a masculine appearance through tissue manipulation. The surgery may also include nipple grafts or nipple/areola resizing and repositioning.

We offer several options for FTM top surgery:

  • Buttonhole technique
  • Double incision
  • Inverted-T (T-Anchor)
  • Keyhole 
  • Peri areolar

Facial feminization surgery

Facial feminization surgery aims to restructure and soften masculine facial features. This involves reshaping bones and soft tissues to achieve a more feminine look. Facial enhancement procedures can include brow reduction and tracheal shave surgeries. This surgery is performed as either a single procedure or in several stages.

Body contouring

Body contouring surgery uses one or more procedures to reshape the body and create a more feminine or masculine appearance. Liposuction, for example, may be used to slim curves, while fat transfer may help enhance curves. The plastic surgeons at Scripps will work with you to understand your goals and help achieve your desired shape.