Dining Options at Scripps Hospitals

Meals and snack offerings for inpatients, outpatients and visitors

A Scripps Health patient in their hospital room ordering a meal or snack online, illustrating Scripps dining and nutrition options.

Meals and snack offerings for inpatients, outpatients and visitors

Whether you or a loved one is receiving care, Scripps Health has quick and nourishing dining options. For patients staying overnight in the hospital, we offer a variety of meal and snack options, which patients are able to select and order on-demand, either online or by telephone. For guests and visitors, each of our hospital campuses has a variety of food services, including cafeterias, coffee carts and vending machines that provide hot and cold meals prepared daily by our in-house chefs.

Online meal ordering for inpatients

Patients staying at Scripps can conveniently order their hospital meals on a special website and app. The website and app are available in English and Spanish. 

Ordering through our online patient meal service is ideal for patients who are comfortable using websites and apps. It’s also best for patients who do not have restrictive diets or multiple food allergies. Please note that not all portions or inpatient hospital food offerings are available online. 

Meals ordered online will be delivered to patients’ rooms during normal hospital mealtimes.

Hospital campus dining options  

At Scripps hospital campuses visitors and guests have access to fast and healthy dining options. Hours of the cafeterias and coffee carts are subject to change.

Beginning Jan. 15, 2023, all Colors Cafe and Colors Express locations will no longer accept cash for purchases. Available payment options include VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Meal coupons and Scripps Colors Cafe gift cards.

Outpatient nutrition services

Healthy food choices are important — both in and out of the hospital. Scripps patients have access to individualized counseling appointments, including oncologic nutrition counseling and diabetes nutrition counseling. Our registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) help our patients achieve their personal wellness goals with the support they need. Talk with your doctor about accessing these nutrition services.