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Training tomorrow’s orthopedic surgeons

Scripps is a San Diego leader in educating and preparing the next generation of orthopedic surgeons through graduate medical education and fellowship programs. Scripps Clinic works closely with SCORE to develop academic programs for students, clinicians and researchers. Programs offered can include live surgery viewing, clinical education and laboratory experience.

SCORE offers a full-time fellowship in joint reconstructive surgery, enabling physician-scientists to build stronger research skills at SCORE’s innovative facility in San Diego. The SCORE team also collaborates with the Scripps Clinic Division of Orthopedic Surgery fellowship program, providing a world-class laboratory experience to trainees.

Professional development

SCORE develops tailored courses for visiting physicians, nurses, scholars, students and other health-care professionals. Through classroom activities and practical experience, SCORE professional development programs encourage the sharing of SCORE scientists’ knowledge, expertise and clinical discoveries with fellow clinicians and researchers from around the world.