Bariatric Surgery Support Services

Support groups and services for lifelong weight loss support

Scripps bariatric surgeon William Fuller, MD, stands with a patient after a follow up visit, illustrating the support services available after weight loss surgery.

Scripps Clinic surgeon William Fuller, MD, has helped thousands of patients change their lives through bariatric surgery.

Support groups and services for lifelong weight loss support

If you’re considering bariatric surgery, you’ve likely struggled to lose weight through other means but haven’t been successful. 

At Scripps, we understand that obesity is a debilitating disease that affects much more than the number on the scale — you also carry the weight of physical, emotional and social burdens. And while bariatric surgery can be life-changing for your health and self-confidence, successfully keeping the weight off requires stamina, support and commitment. 

The good news is, you’re not on this journey alone. Scripps will remain your partner after bariatric surgery for as long as you need us. Read below to learn more about our ongoing support services after weight loss surgery.

Monthly bariatric surgery support groups

After bariatric surgery, ongoing education and support from others who’ve had the surgery can make a world of difference. That’s why Scripps Clinic professional staff and our volunteer partners hold free monthly support groups across San Diego. Participants discuss various topics about life after bariatric surgery.

We strongly encourage both pre- and post-surgery patients to attend. For more information about our support groups, classes and other support services, please contact your bariatric surgeon’s office.

Scripps Living Lite: An inspiring behavioral lifestyle change program

As time passes, old habits may return and derail your progress. To combat this, take advantage of Scripps Living Lite — a strategic, motivational and supportive plan for losing weight with an emphasis on lifestyle change. 

Scripps Living Lite includes weekly group sessions and one-on-one phone coaching at four convenient locations. Sessions include skills and strategies to help you get the most from your eating and exercise plan.

Flexible participation allows you to remain in the program until you achieve your goals. You can rejoin any time for a personalized “tune up” to stay motivated and on track. Sessions are ongoing. Call 858-794-1250 for more information, pricing and registration.