Your Weight Loss Medical Team

Weight loss doctors and surgeons to support your ideal weight

Dr. Plodkowski discusses weight management with a patient.

Endocrinologist Raymond Plodkowski, MD, is part of an expert team of weight loss specialists at Scripps Clinic

Weight loss doctors and surgeons to support your ideal weight

Our Scripps Clinic weight loss and bariatric surgery team includes the combined expertise of physicians, surgeons, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, a certified lifestyle coach, clinical partners in other specialties and support staff. We use proven, evidence-based therapies and practical tools to provide comprehensive care throughout your weight loss journey — whether your journey involves a weight management program or bariatric surgery.

How the weight management team works

Learn about the role each member of the weight management team plays in supporting you and your unique needs.


Our board-certified physicians are specialists in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism. They will develop an individualized treatment plan and oversee your care every step of the way.

Bariatric surgeons

Our highly trained board-certified surgeons specialize in minimally invasive bariatric and laparoscopic surgical techniques and have performed thousands of weight loss surgeries.

Nurse practitioners

Our nurse practitioners have expertise in weight management, as well as diabetes, and will work closely with you throughout your treatment to provide education and guidance.

Registered dietitians

Our registered dietitians will evaluate your nutritional needs, review your diet and help you develop a successful, sustainable healthy eating plan.

Behavioral health specialist

Our behavioral health specialist and professional life coach inspire and coach individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle through our highly successful and comprehensive behavior change program, Scripps Living Lite.

Bariatric nurse

If you are having bariatric surgery, our registered nurse will meet with you during the pre-surgery phase to assess your needs and begin the education process.

Clinical partners

We work closely with other Scripps Clinic specialists, such as clinical psychologists, to ensure you receive comprehensive services and a customized weight loss plan.

Physician assistant

Our physician assistant works closely with our bariatric surgeons, assisting during surgeries as well as providing post-surgery care.