Scripps Expert Offers Guidance on Colorectal Cancer Screening

Walter Coyle, MD, appears on KUSI-TV News

Scripps MD, Walter Coyle, discusses the importance of colorectal cancer screening with a San Diego news anchor.

KUSI-TV anchor David Davis (left) and Scripps Clinic gastroenterologist Walter Coyle, MD.

Walter Coyle, MD, appears on KUSI-TV News

Walter Coyle, MD, head of gastroenterology at Scripps Clinic, recently appeared on KUSI-TV News to discuss colorectal cancer screenings. Dr. Coyle explained that while colorectcal cancer has high incidence and death rates, it is also highly preventable.

Dr. Coyle outlined the various forms of screening available today, and discussed when and how often patients should be screened.

View the coverage on KUSI: Colorectal Cancer is Deadly but Highly Preventable

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