Video Visits Connect You with the Care You Need (video)

Get started with Scripps telemedicine options

Get started with Scripps telemedicine options

When you’re feeling sick or need routine or follow-up care, you usually schedule an office visit with your physician. If it’s after hours, you may decide to visit an express clinic or urgent care center.

Now, with new technology advances and Scripps’ rapid deployment of its capabilities, your options have expanded to include virtual care (or telemedicine). Through telemedicine services, you can receive medical advice and care safely and conveniently anytime, anywhere for a wide variety of health care issues. All of this without leaving the comfort of your home, office or other location with Wi-Fi.

Video visits are among the virtual care options available at Scripps. It is a telemedicine feature growing in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scripps Video Visits allow you to discuss symptoms, medical issues and more with a doctor or nurse practitioner in real time using any web-enabled device with a camera. You can receive a diagnosis, learn your treatment options and have a prescription sent to your pharmacy.

When to use a video visit

“Telehealth has expanded how patients can receive optimal care,” says David Wetherhold, MD, an internal medicine physician and chief medical information officer for ambulatory care at Scripps Health. “With Video Visits at Scripps, providers see a patient in real time, face-to-face, so we can read visual cues and ask the appropriate questions.”

For instance, if you suspect that a cut may be infected, you can schedule a virtual consultation to discuss your symptoms. If you think your child is coming down with strep throat, you can communicate with your pediatrician. If you need a birth control medication or think you have a urinary tract infection, you can talk through your options for a same-day prescription. Medicare wellness exams can also be conducted with a Video Visit.

Pink eye, colds and flu, insect bites, rashes and sore throats are other common conditions that can also be diagnosed and treated using a Video Visit. COVID-19 screenings may also conducted through Video Visits.

How to schedule a Scripps Video Visit

Scheduling and setting up a visit with the appropriate provider is simple and convenient, whether you need a wellness visit, specialist care or a quick visit for a minor condition. Virtual care options are generally offered through online health care portals. At Scripps, the online patient portal is MyScripps, and the app can be downloaded through the iPhone app store or Google Play. If you don’t have a MyScripps account, sign up now.

You may schedule visits with your primary care doctor or specialists for a variety of medical reasons if your doctor decides it is appropriate. During the COVID-19 crisis, you and your doctors may prefer to reschedule appointments that you already have on the books to a Video Visit, rather than having an in-person visit. Call your doctor to determine if a Video Visit is the right option for you; the office will reschedule existing appointments or schedule a new one.

If you have a minor illness or injury, you can schedule a visit with a Scripps HealthExpress provider through MyScripps.

In case of an emergency

If you suspect you have coronavirus or respiratory issues, please do not use online scheduling. Scripps patients can call the COVID-19 nurse line at 888-261-8431 if they have a fever and/or respiratory symptoms associated with the coronavirus. A nurse will evaluate the potential risk and connect the patient to a provider via a video visit if needed. The provider will be able to offer further evaluation.

Of course, if you’re severely ill or injured, you should go to an emergency room. If your condition is life-threatening, call 911.

Telemedicine options

Scripps offers other telemedicine options, including a Symptom Checker and E-Visits.

The Scripps Symptom Checker is a free service that allows you to assess your symptoms and determine the best place to go to receive care — whether that’s online or in-person at a walk-in clinic, urgent care, emergency department or doctor’s office.

Scripps E-Visits is a simple-to-use virtual care option that consists of a series of questions you submit to a provider through MyScripps. Typically, within 30 minutes, a provider will provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan that may also include prescriptions sent directly to your pharmacy of choice.

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