Myths vs Facts: Dispelling False Excuses Not to Get Vaccinated (video)

COVID-19 Mythbusters debunk misinformation about vaccines

COVID-19 Mythbusters debunk misinformation about vaccines

With COVID-19 surging again, it’s important to get vaccinated — if you haven’t done so already — and to dispel misinformation that might be causing vaccine hesitancy.

In this video, Ghazala Sharieff, MD, chief medical officer for acute care and clinical excellence at Scripps, and Mark Shalauta, MD, a family medicine physician and co-chair of the Scripps Medical Foundation Vaccine Committee, continue their discussion on myths versus facts about the COVID-19 vaccines and take on false excuses for not getting vaccinated.

Drs. Sharieff and Shalauta debunk common myths such as:

  • People with severe history of allergies or underlying conditions can’t get vaccinated.
  • The vaccines can’t protect people from the COVID-19 Delta variant.
  • The vaccines’ side effects will lead to severe illness.
  • The vaccine can’t help people who have long-term COVID19 (COVID long-haulers).
  • The vaccines haven’t been approved by the FDA.

In part one of this video series, Drs. Sharieff and Shalauta discuss myths and facts about how the COVID-19 vaccines were made and how they work.


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