Arthritis and Joint Conditions (Rheumatology)

Arthritis and joint care in San Diego

Two senior women smile as they walk outdoors representing successful rheumatology treatments.

Arthritis and joint care in San Diego

Arthritis, or joint inflammation, is the leading disability for Americans over 55, and our rheumatology programs recognize how debilitating these muskuloskeletal conditions can be.

At Scripps Health, our rheumatology doctors offer the most current methods to diagnose, medicate and surgically treat joint conditions. Whole person therapies are also available to complement traditional care methods. All of our rheumatology programs keep abreast of the latest findings in musculoskeletal research.

Rheumatology care is available through Scripps Clinic and Scripps Coastal Medical Center.

We are now offering Video Visits for some specialty care appointments. If you are interested in scheduling a Video Visit, contact the provider’s office directly. The doctor’s office will work with you to determine if this is the right type of visit for you.