Internal Medicine

Find an expert internal medicine physician at Scripps Clinic

Dr. Siu Ming Geary, smiling at a patient and examining him during an in-office visit.

Siu Ming Geary, MD, Internal Medicine, Scripps Clinic

Find an expert internal medicine physician at Scripps Clinic

Getting and staying healthy can feel overwhelming, especially as we get older and experience changes physically and mentally. With their focus on adults and the aging process, Scripps Clinic internal medicine physicians are a good choice to act as your primary care provider to help you get well and stay healthy. Scripps Clinic has internal medicine doctors throughout San Diego in a location that is convenient for you. Some of our internists have additional training in geriatrics as well.

Internal medicine at Scripps Clinic

Your Scripps Clinic internal medicine physician will establish a long-term relationship with you based on your health concerns, priorities and goals. Over time, you can rely on that relationship to help you maintain good health and navigate illness and injury.

If you need to see a specialist, like a diabetes expert or cancer expert, your Scripps Clinic internal medicine doctor will coordinate specialist care within Scripps, so all your doctors stay informed of your progress. We’ll always be by your side.

Where are internal medicine doctors located at Scripps Clinic?

Scripps Clinic has internal medicine physicians at locations throughout San Diego from North County to South Bay. Our internal medicine doctors have early morning, evening and Saturday hours to accommodate your busy schedule. 

Where can I get same-day care at Scripps Clinic?

When you're ill or injured and need immediate care, your Scripps Clinic internal medicine doctor's office may have a same-day appointment available. If not, Scripps HealthExpress walk-in clinics and urgent care locations may be an option.

How do I find an internal medicine physician?

Choosing an internal medicine physician to be your primary care provider is an important decision. Your primary care doctor acts as your personal physician and is usually the first physician you see for any health problem. As the quarterback for your health care, they help you get and stay healthy and coordinate any specialty services. If you’re considering an HMO or managed health care plan, you’ll need to choose a primary care physician.

To help you choose the best primary care physician for you and your family, check our Doctor Finder. Whether you’re looking for a physician who speaks a certain language or has specific expertise in nutrition, women’s health or sports medicine, our Doctor Finder can help.

The Doctor Finder tool can be used to search for a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant by name, specialty, hospital affiliation, gender, language and practice location. Many of our physicians have videos online to help you get to know them.

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