Health Insurance Options

Find a health insurance plan that offers access to Scripps physicians.

Switch to a Health Plan with Access to Scripps

Nothing matters more than your health. So make sure you choose Scripps for your health care during open enrollment. You’ll have access to hundreds of primary care physicians and top-rated specialists across San Diego County from more than 100 medical and surgical specialties, as well as Scripps hospitals, emergency rooms and urgent care centers. We’ll help you and your family stay well and take excellent care of you when you’re not.

So wherever you are in your life, you can count on the top-quality, convenient and comprehensive care that makes Scripps one of U.S. News & World Report’s “Nation’s Best Hospitals.”

Find a Doctor

Find a doctor at Scripps Health

Scripps physicians offer care from more than 100 medical specialties. Start your search for a doctor who is right for you.

Insuring You and Your Family

Many health insurance options offer access to Scripps physicians.

Are you considering Scripps? Learn about the benefits of choosing a health plan that includes Scripps when you:

Medicare Enrollment

Find out your insurance options through Medicare.

For better health and wellness after 65, learn more about your Medicare options and make sure you have access to top-ranked Scripps physicians and hospitals.

Coverage for Your Business

Find health insurance that offers your employees access to Scripps.

Scripps accepts a number of cost-effective small business health plans. Learn more about the options and how access to Scripps could benefit your employees.