Mammograms and Breast Imaging

Advanced digital mammography and breast screening

Scripps Health offers mammography at a variety of locations throughout San Diego.

Advanced digital mammography and breast screening

Mammograms and other breast imaging services are used to detect and diagnose breast cancer or conditions and can often identify breast abnormalities at their earliest stages. Early detection of breast cancer can reduce treatment time and lead to more successful outcomes.

Why choose Scripps for your mammogram

Scripps digital mammography locations offer the latest breast screening technology and expertise.

Screening and diagnostic mammograms at Scripps

Scripps provides digital mammography using the latest breast imaging technology and expertise. A digital mammogram uses a low-dose X-ray that passes through your breast tissue to create a high-contrast, high-resolution image of the inner structures of the breast. These images can reveal any potential tumors or abnormalities even before they can be felt.

Depending on your needs, your physician may recommend either a screening mammogram or a diagnostic mammogram. A 3-D mammogram might also be recommended.