Birthing Locations

Scripps Encinitas Birthing Pavilion

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'Baby Friendly' birth pavilion

Welcome to the first San Diego hospital to be named "Baby Friendly" by UNICEF/WHO.

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Friendly service

Ambassadors and volunteers can answer any questions you have when you arrive.

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Birth pavilion check-In

To check in, pick up the black phone to alert Labor and Delivery staff.

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Kind, experienced staff

Our expert nurses and physicians will help you every step of the way.

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Healing gardens

Enjoy two healing gardens with waterfalls and beautiful landscaping.

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Outdoor gardens

Families with young children are welcome in the outdoor gardens.

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Relaxing waiting areas

Rest in a spa-like environment during your stay.

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Labor and delivery

Your room has everything for delivery. C-sections are performed in the pavilion OR.

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Welcoming your new baby

Your baby will stay in a bassinet in your room as you recover and bond.

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Spacious postpartum rooms

Postpartum rooms offer plenty of space for your baby and support person.

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Postpartum care

If you need more recovery time, your baby may be cared for in the nursery.

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Level II neonatal ICU

Our NICU is designed to care for the most delicate newborns.

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Breastfeeding support

You'll have access to lactation support and supplies at The Nursing Nook.

Scripps La Jolla Maternal and Child Health

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Center for Women's Health entrance

The Women’s Center entrance is located to the right of the main hospital entrance.

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Labor and delivery room

You’ll experience labor, delivery and recovery all in one room.

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Comfort for mom and baby

A spacious, comfortable delivery room discretely stores monitors and equipment.

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Postpartum room

Private postpartum rooms feature rolling cots for fathers or support people.

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7th floor postpartum rooms

Our 7th floor postpartum rooms are available if you need more recovery time.

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Wellbaby nursery

Your baby may be cared for in our fully equipped nursery while you’re in recovery. 

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Patient library

The library features pregnancy and parenting literature available for borrowing.

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Labor and delivery waiting area

Support people can relax in this waiting area with an adjacent outdoor patio.

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Women’s center lobby

The comfortable lobby is a convenient waiting area for visitors.

Scripps Mercy Chula Vista Maternity Department

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Scripps Mercy Hospital Chula Vista

Our maternity department staff help you through every step of your delivery.

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Welcoming you and your new baby

A reception area where staff will welcome you to Scripps Mercy Hospital Chula Vista.

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Labor and delivery in one room

You will go through labor, delivery and recovery in one room. 

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Comfortable postpartum care rooms

Private postpartum rooms help you enjoy uninterrupted bonding with your baby.

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Special care for newborn babies

Our Level II neonatal intensive care unit supports babies in need of special care.

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Lactation assistance at the NICU

This special lactation room is available for babies receiving care in the NICU.

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A touch of whimsy

A colorful Winnie the Pooh mural sets a lighthearted tone in the maternity unit.

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Waiting for your newest addition

Our waiting room features comfortable seating, vending machines and a television.

Scripps Mercy Hospital Family Birth Unit

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Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego

Welcome to Scripps Mercy Hospital, part of the community for over 120 years.

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Welcoming growing families

The reception area of Scripps Mercy Hospital’s Family Birth Unit.

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Labor and delivery in one room

Each room is fully equipped to monitor you and your baby throughout delivery.

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Family birth unit

Carousel themed décor sets a welcoming tone for growing families.

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Comfortable postpartum rooms

Spacious postpartum rooms offer a comfortable place to bond with your baby.

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A place for growing families

Our private rooms feature two beds — one for you and one for your support person.

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Comfort during postpartum care

An array of resources are available during your stay in our private postpartum rooms.

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Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)

Highly skilled neonatologists and neonatal nurses provide care in our Level II NICU.

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Welcoming carousel windows

Stained-glass windows donated by a family with four generations born at the hospital.