Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists Help Patients Restore Function

A Scripps physical therapy expert provides care to a reclining patient using a foam roller in a clinical setting.

Physical Therapists Help Patients Restore Function

To help individuals restore functional mobility after it’s been lost from disease, injury or surgery, Scripps Health offers physical therapy services in hospitals, outpatient clinics and home care settings throughout San Diego.

Whether you’ve had joint replacement surgery, are recovering from a stroke or are trying to return to routine activities after an injury, the rehabilitation team at Scripps includes highly trained physical therapists who are certified in multiple clinical areas to help you heal and reach your maximum potential.

A referral from the physician who is managing your care is needed prior to making an appointment with a physical therapist at Scripps.

Physical Rehab Services

A Scripps physical therapy expert explains a related condition to a patient in a clinical environment.

Physical Rehab Services

Learn more about our physical therapy services and care locations.

Physical Therapy Locations

A Scripps home health professional assists an elderly patient with physical therapy treatment in a home environment.

Physical Therapy Locations

Contact us to find a care physical therapy location near you or to discuss home health options.

Physical therapy services

If a medical problem or injury hinders your ability to move or perform every day tasks, Scripps Health physical therapists provide expert care at several locations in San Diego. With the goal of relieving symptoms, expediting recovery and preventing further disability, our therapists perform comprehensive assessments and develop individualized treatment programs.

Physical therapy sessions may include:

  • Therapeutic exercises to increase flexibility, range of motion, balance, coordination and endurance
  • Heat packs and cold compresses to reduce swelling or relieve pain
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Cognitive skills development
  • Manual therapy
  • Neuromuscular re-education
  • Assistive and adaptive device training (including crutches, prosthesis, orthotics and wheelchairs)
  • Home exercise instructions
  • Gait training
  • Traction for back and neck pain
  • Patient education

Physical therapy locations

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