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Maternity and child care

Maternity Services Throughout San Diego

Having a baby is an exciting time and at Scripps Health, we want to make it a healthy time for you and your baby. We offer a wide range of maternity services including prenatal, perinatal (high-risk pregnancy care) and postpartum services in locations throughout San Diego. Whether this is your first baby or you are continuing to build your family, our experienced physicians and clinical staff are there to help you every step of the way, from getting pregnant to parenting.

Maternity Services

Scripps Health in San Diego offers comprehensive prenatal care, including perinatal care and lactation services.

Scripps offers a full range of maternity services to help you and your baby have a happy, healthy pregnancy, including:

Maternity Hospitals

Scripps Health offers four hospitals throughout San Diego that have labor and delivery services for expectant parents.

When you’re ready to welcome your baby to the world, Scripps has four maternity hospitals located throughout San Diego County:

Expert Prenatal Care

OB-GYNs at Scripps Health provide prenatal care at locations throughout San Diego.

Expert prenatal care is available through Scripps Coastal Medical Center and Scripps Clinic at locations throughout San Diego County. Find a location near you.

Having a Healthy Pregnancy

Scripps Health in San Diego offers a variety of prenatal and maternity classes to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

Scripps offers a variety of educational classes and support services to help you learn how maintain optimum health during your pregnancy and through labor and delivery. Find a maternity class.

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