Spine Surgery

Your choice of spine surgeons in San Diego for neck and back conditions

Dr. Gregory Mundis, Orthopedic Surgery, Scripps Clinic going over x-rays with a patient, illustrating the  close doctor-patient relationships that are formed.

Gregory Mundis, MD, Orthopedic Surgery, Scripps Clinic

Your choice of spine surgeons in San Diego for neck and back conditions

The spine specialists at Scripps — both orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons — provide some of the most advanced minimally invasive spine surgery and other surgical options, including spinal fusion, artificial disc replacement and robotic spine surgery. Scripps has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report as having one of the top orthopedic programs in the country, and our physicians and surgeons who specialize in spine conditions are nationally recognized experts in the field.

Treating a range of neck and back conditions

Treating a range of neck and back conditions

The spine surgeons at Scripps treat many types of back injuries, neck pain and spine conditions, including lower back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, herniated disc and spinal stenosis.

Spine surgery options

Scripps hospitals, doctors and sports and physical rehabilitation facilities deliver advanced spinal care. Treatments for the neck and back include non-surgical and surgical approaches for spinal decompression, spinal stabilization and pain relief. 

Common types of spine surgical procedures include:

  • Minimally invasive spine procedures 
  • Spinal fusion 
  • Spinal reconstruction or revision
  • Artificial disc replacement

Alternatives to spine surgery

Spine surgery is not an option without a diagnosis based on imaging and a physical exam. Some people with serious health problems may not be suitable candidates for surgery.

Health insurance providers have different requirements before they will approve a spine procedure. Usually, non-surgical treatments are required before any surgery would be scheduled.

Advances in care for neck and back conditions

Scripps orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons participate in research and clinical trials for new devices and procedures to improve treatments for patients with disc degeneration, including the use of artificial discs, bone morphogenic proteins (BMP) and other innovative therapies.

Support services and resources

As leaders in orthopedic care, we know what it takes to keep joints healthy. That’s why we equip our patients with support services and resources to help them achieve their best possible outcome. From connecting you with rehab services to empowering you with educational resources, Scripps offers a comprehensive lineup to help you along every step of your journey.