Find a surgeon in San Diego at Scripps Health

Scripps surgeons are expert in a range of surgical procedures, from the routine to the complex. Facilitated by advancements in technology, our surgeons use effective surgical methods that favor accelerated patient recovery and rehabilitation. Whether refining techniques for cancerous tumor removal, performing routine outpatient surgery services or a delicate vascular surgery, Scripps surgeons are committed to patient safety and achieving optimal results.

Whenever possible, Scripps surgeons employ minimally invasive surgical techniques, including laparoscopy, arthroscopy and robotic surgery, which feature:

  • Reduced blood loss
  • Less pain and subsequent reliance on medication
  • Quicker recovery

They have often been at the forefront of developments in the field of general surgery: a testament to their dedication to seeking the most effective treatments for patients. Scripps surgeons pioneered advances in laparoscopic surgery, and continue their commitment to progressive methods.

Prioritizing patient support

Surgical support staff focus on the unique skills required for assisting patients before, during, and after procedures. They remain committed to professional development, best care practices, and making patients feel comfortable with and informed about their treatment.

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