Retroperitoneal Sarcoma

Retroperitoneal sarcoma cancer treatment at Scripps

Scripps Health offers options for the treatment of retroperitoneal sarcomas.

Retroperitoneal sarcoma cancer treatment at Scripps

Scripps teams provide personalized care for patients with retroperitoneal sarcoma, a rare subtype of soft tissue sarcoma that can develop within the abdominal cavity directly against the perineum.

Detection and diagnosis of retroperitoneal cancer

Retroperitoneal sarcomas are detected and diagnosed through exams, imaging tests and procedures that may include:

Retroperitoneal cancer treatment

Treatment of retroperitoneal sarcoma may include:

  • Surgery to remove the tumor and a small margin of nearby healthy tissue.
  • Chemotherapy prior to a surgery to shrink a tumor or post-surgery to attack any remaining cells in the area.
  • Radiation Therapy pre-operatively or post-operatively to shrink a tumor or kill remaining cancer cells. Radiation therapy may also be provided when surgery is not an option.

Complementary therapies

Complementary therapies to address retroperitoneal sarcoma symptoms and treatment side effects are also available at Scripps, as well as comprehensive physical rehabilitation services.

Support services

To enhance the care of people with retroperitoneal sarcoma, Scripps Health also offers the following services: