Shoulder Surgery

Advanced care for shoulder pain in San Diego

An orthopedic physician examines a patient's shoulder.

Advanced care for shoulder pain in San Diego

Scripps orthopedic teams diagnose and treat a wide variety of shoulder injuries and conditions that can be the result of playing sports, being involved in an accident or simply aging.

The shoulder is a complex structure and requires specialized care. Scripps orthopedic doctors are experts in the field, have access to leading-edge research and use the most advanced new procedures and techniques to care for patients. U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks Scripps as one of the nation’s best programs for orthopedics and orthopedic surgery.

San Diego’s best team for shoulder care

Getting the right diagnosis and treatment for your shoulder is vital. That’s why Scripps offers advanced imaging services and multidisciplinary medical teams across San Diego County to support you at every phase of orthopedic care. From convenient physician office locations to comprehensive sports and physical therapy services, Scripps has San Diego covered.

When Scripps physicians provide medical care for elite athletes, they are perfecting the highest levels of treatment for every patient, regardless of whether they compete in sports. Scripps physicians also serve as leading faculty of the San Diego Shoulder Institute, which has provided continuing medical education for orthopedists from across the United States for more than 30 years.

Whether you have unexplained shoulder pain or a traumatic injury affecting shoulder stability, Scripps is the place for the most innovative orthopedic care.

Shoulder conditions and injuries

Scripps orthopedic surgeons are experts at treating a broad range of shoulder conditions, ranging from sports injuries to age-related chronic diseases.

Shoulder pain treatment options

Orthopedic treatments for shoulder pain or injuries include nonsurgical and surgical approaches to restore stability and strength. The goal is to restore function and range of motion. Scripps provides a full range of treatment options for joint replacement and repair including diagnosis, nonsurgical options and surgery.

Shoulder surgery locations

Support services and resources

As leaders in orthopedic care, we know what it takes to keep joints healthy. That’s why we equip our patients with support services and resources to help them achieve their best possible outcome. From connecting you with rehab services to empowering you with educational resources, Scripps offers a comprehensive lineup to help you along every step of your journey.