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San Diego sports medicine at Scripps


San Diego sports medicine at Scripps

Scripps is San Diego’s winning team for orthopedic sports medicine.

No matter what type of sports injury you’ve suffered, Scripps orthopedic specialists can help, thanks to an unmatched level of experience and team strength in San Diego. Scripps has nearly three times as many orthopedic doctors than the next closest regional health care provider.

Our physicians’ experience in treating sports injuries for elite athletes translates into innovative care for all Scripps sports medicine patients.

Types of sports injuries

The sports medicine specialists at Scripps in San Diego provide care for all types of sports injuries.

Types of sports injuries

Scripps sports medicine specialists care for a variety of sports injuries including:

Treatment options

Scripps Health in San Diego offers advanced treatment options for sports injuries.

Treatment options

Caring for all athletes

The sports medicine specialists at Scripps in San Diego care for all athletes, from professionals to weekend warriors.

Caring for all athletes

Our team provides exceptional care to athletes of all levels, from collegiate athletes to weekend warriors.

Innovative research

Orthopedic specialists at Scripps in San Diego research new ways to treat sports injuries.

Innovative research

Scripps orthopedic specialists are nationally recognized for innovative research that can help any athlete get back in the game.

Top care for pro athletes, amateurs and weekend warriors

Scripps orthopedic teams diagnose and treat all parts of the musculoskeletal system that can be injured through sports activities — from traumatic knee injuries to worn shoulders to painful feet.

Scripps Clinic Sports Medicine specialists and Scripps-affiliated physicians coordinate with athletic teams, clinicians, trainers and others to provide comprehensive sports medicine care, including sports physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

Innovation for better patient outcomes

Scripps Clinic orthopedic doctors are nationally recognized for pioneering work that can benefit sports medicine patients. Cartilage-tissue engineering, stem-cell research and genomics are among the focus areas of physicians and scientists at Scripps’ Shiley Center for Orthopaedic Research and Education (SCORE).

General sports injuries

  • Cartilage tears (also known as meniscus tears), in which soft tissue between joints (most often the knee) is suddenly damaged as the result of a twisting motion or sudden hit, such as a tackle
  • Dislocations, in which two bones that meet at a joint, such as the kneecaps, elbows or shoulder completely come apart
  • Fractures, which are breaks in bones and can occur in varying degrees of seriousness anywhere in the body
  • Sprains, strains and bruises, which can affect ligaments, tendons and muscles of the arms, shoulders, back, groin, legs and other parts of the body
  • Stress fractures, which are small cracks or severe bruising of bones such as the foot and ankle bones like the metatarsals, tibia (shin) and fibula
  • Tendinitis, which is painful inflammation that can affect tendons in the arms, legs, ankles and other parts of the body

Shoulder and elbow injuries

  • Shoulder separation (acromioclavicular joint separation or AC joint separation), in which the top of the collarbone (clavicle) is separated from the top of the shoulder blade (scapula)
  • Rotator cuff injuries, which involve a tear of one or more of the tendons that connect four muscles in the shoulder to the upper arm bone (humerus)
  • Tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, which are characterized by pain on the outside of the elbow (tennis) or inside of the elbow (golf)
  • Ulnar collateral ligament injury, in which the ligament inside the elbow connecting the upper arm (humerus) with the forearm (ulna) is partially or completely torn

Knee injuries

  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, in which one of the main ligaments that helps stabilize and support the knee is partially or completely torn
  • Iliotibial (IT) band syndrome, which is an inflammation of the tendon that connects the knee to the hip and causes pain on the outside of the knee
  • Medial collateral ligament (MCL) injury, in which the ligament located along the inner knee is strained or torn
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease, which is an overuse injury of the tendon below the kneecap seen in growing adolescents before entering their mid-to-late teens
  • Runner’s knee (patellofemoral knee syndrome), which in adults is characterized by pain just below the kneecap that usually intensifies during activity

Foot, ankle and lower leg injuries

  • Achilles tendonitis, which is an inflammation of the Achilles tendon at the back of the ankle above the heel
  • Plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation in the bottom of the foot, usually originating at the base of the heel
  • Sesamoiditis of the foot, which is inflammation of two small bones in the forefoot that produces pain under the big toe
  • Shin splints, which refers to pain in the lower front leg caused by inflamed muscles or the possible onset of stress fractures in the tibia
  • Turf toe, in which the main joint of the big toe is sprained due to hyperextension

Sports injuries treatment

Sports medicine treatments available at Scripps include:

Treatment for general sports injuries

  • Non-surgical methods, including anti-inflammatory injections or other prescription medications
  • Osteochondral allograft transplantation, in which cartilage from a donor is implanted to help restore stability in a patient’s knee, ankle or shoulder
  • Sport physical therapy, which can be provided either as a primary treatment, or following a surgical procedure with the goal of helping patients regain strength and full range of motion

Surgery for arm, shoulder, hand or wrist injuries

  • Elbow surgery, including total elbow replacement
  • Hand and wrist surgery, which can include repairs for fractures of the scaphoid or bone fragments in the fingers
  • Minimally invasive shoulder surgery following a dislocation to repair damaged joint soft tissue
  • Shoulder replacement surgery, including total shoulder replacement, partial shoulder replacement and/or reverse shoulder replacement
  • Shoulder resurfacing, in which the head of the upper arm bone is trimmed and capped with a smooth metal covering, and the shoulder blade socket may be smoothed and replaced with a strong plastic socket or tissue graft
  • UCL reconstruction (“Tommy John surgery”), in which a torn ulnar collateral ligament in the elbow is rebuilt using a tendon tissue from a donor or patient’s body

Surgery for hip injuries

  • Hip resurfacing, in which the head of the femur is trimmed and capped with a smooth metal covering, while the hip socket is removed and replaced with a metal socket
  • Total hip replacement (hip arthroplasty), in which the head of the femur (thigh bone) is removed and replaced with a metal stem and a metal or ceramic ball, while the worn hip socket (acetabulum) is removed and replaced with a metal socket

Surgery for knee injuries

  • ACL reconstruction, in which a torn anterior cruciate ligament is rebuilt using tissue — most commonly the kneecap tendon or hamstring tendon — from a donor or the patient’s body
  • Knee arthroscopy, a minimally invasive surgery that is performed through small incisions to trim or repair torn cartilage in the knee
  • MCL reconstruction, in which a torn medial collateral ligament is rebuilt using tissue from a donor or the patient’s body to restore stability to the inner knee
  • Partial knee replacement, in which damaged tissue and bone in the inner knee or the outer knee is replaced with a metal and plastic part
  • Total knee replacement (knee arthroplasty), in which the ends of the femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone) at the knee joint are removed and replaced with metal and strong plastic parts

Surgery for foot and ankle injuries

  • Ankle surgery, including repairs of torn Achilles heel, fractures and dislocations
  • Ankle replacement (ankle arthroplasty), in which damaged bone and cartilage are replaced with metal and plastic parts
  • Foot surgery, including complex procedures to repair fractures and torn ligaments

Sports physical therapy

Scripps offers several sports and physical therapy options for San Diego with facilities in North County, South Bay, Central San Diego and La Jolla. Sports and physical therapy services are provided at more than half a dozen locations by a team of experts using the latest techniques and technologies to help patients regain strength and mobility to get back in the game.


Scripps Health offers sports medicine at the following locations in San Diego County:

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